In 2016, we (together with Prof. Johan van de Koppel) had organized a workshop on the topic entitled "the biogeomorphology and pattern formation on estuaries and coastal ecosystems" at June 26-30 in Shanghai 2016. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the urgent need for focusing the combined intellect of mathematicians and ecologists on significant ecological and environmental problems in both the theoretical and applied realms in estuaries, coastal and marine ecosystems. Prof. Matt Kirman, Stijn Temmerman, Sergio Fagherazzi, Andrea D'alpaos, Brian Silliman, Qing He, and Johan van de Koppel as the keynote speakers gave a intrigued talk on recent advances respectively.  [PDF for brief introduction]

Johan van de Koppel at Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, NIOZ-Yerseke
Jef Huisman at University of Amsterdam-IBED Aquatic Microbiology
He-Peng Zhang at Shanghai Jiaotong University
Chi Xu at Nanjing University
Zhen Jin at Shanxi University
Wim Vyverman at Ghent University
Anyuan Li Shaoxing University
Bernard Hallet University of Washington
Nigel Goldenfeld University of California-San Diego

1. Biogemorphology and Pattern Formation on Estuaries and Coastal Ecosystems, 2016 June 27-30 in Shanghai, China

Recent Collaborators

2. The 9th Annual Meeting of Theoretical Ecology in China, 2019 August 20-24 in Shanghai, China