Usefull links

(1) Visualising scientific models with 3D computer graphics [video
(2) Bird flight a model for future flying robots [video] [video]
(3) Particle tracking using IDL [Link]
(4) JPIV [Link]
(5) Python cookbook [link]
(6) Trackpy [link]
(7) ImageJ track [link];
(8) 图形处理python:;;;
(9) Maine In-situ Sound & Color Lab;
(10) pgf&Tikz Latex;
(11); R plot line.
(13) Youtube 资料下载 
(14) 常用单位换算: 
(15) R statistics ,The Handbook of Biological Statistics. 
(16) Sources of Remote Sensing Data,
(17) Parallel Spectral Numerical Methods/Examples in Matlab and Python;
(18) R pacakge deSolve ode and PDE:
Ecological data
1. Community Productivity and Invasibility:
2. Empirical Dynamic Modeling and Convergent Cross Mapping:
3. Computational Model Library:
4. Effects Of Climate Variability And Change On Stream Ecosystem Processes: